Our service is a professional and dependable car workshop. We possess five stands to repair and maintain cars.


We employ highly qualified car mechanics and electricians and we have appropriate technical equipment to diagnose and repair cars, trucks, trailers and tankers. Contemporary produced cars are so technologically advanced that in order to diagnose defects and repair them professional knowledge and equipment is required.


Our offer is aimed both at individual customers and companies and it spreads over:

  • Injection systems
  • Steering gear and power steering systems,
  • Brake systems,
  • Cooling systems,
  • Drive systems,
  • Exhaust systems,
  • Air-conditioning systems,
  • Gearbox,
  • Clutches,
  • Turbo compressors,
  • Changing oils and other liquids.

We would like to encourage you to cooperate with our servicing station.


Using our service guarantees comfort and security.