In May 2004 the Robert Stępień transport company received the certificate of quality 9001:2000 in range of transport and forwarding services. It is the confirmation, that our services are executed according to strictly defined rules of services, monitored, controlled, reported and analysed. Results of analyses are base for introduction of organizational and administrative improvement, and in the end qualitative ones.

Robert Stepien – polish carrier with European standards

Robert Stepien company, belonging to ZMPD in Warsaw , has been working on the demanding market of transport for more than 25 years. Constant technical development of means of transport and highly qualified employees let us offer services on the highest level. To chieve it, we use MAN trucks and tilt trailers (including Mega), cooling trailers, silos and cisterns. ISO 9001:2000 issued by TUV Management Service GmbH is the confirmation of quality in managing national and international transport and forwarding. All the employees systematically take part in trainings in order to raise qualifications. Our mission is to treat the customer’s time and goods as the highest value, therefore we use constant satellite and GSM monitoring of transported goods. What is more, our trucks can be loaded 24 hours a day. Each truck is equipped in navigation system, all trucks and trailers have full insurance. In forwarding services we use reliable subcontractors, who have to meet the same quality requirements and be the member of TimoCom. Our drivers are not employed accidentally. They are all top specialists who can guarantee same and on-time transport. The best of them usually receive the newest vehicles (although we change our fleet so often, that even the oldest truck have Euro4, the newest Euro5). Technical efficiency is provided thanks to our servicing station with a few maintain points and petrol station. In loose material transport we have been using the best brands like Feldbinder and Spitzer. Sixteen silos with capacity up to 35000 dm3 makes it possible to transport cement, lime, ashes, fillers for bituminous masses.